Return of Warrior

Return of Warrior 1.0

It is a 3D fantasy action MMORPG with a unique combat system
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Return of Warrior (ROW) is a 3D fantasy action MMORPG with a unique combat system. Battle hordes of monsters, duel other players, and participate in a massive Human vs. Ak’Kan war. Protect your faction in order to salvage an overpopulated world.

The action is set in a mysterious land divided by creatures, sorcery, and territory. The RPG style PvP action in (ROW) gives player’s a fast paced real-time combat experience. Set in a virtual world at war players must select one of the two factions. Choose the Human race or Ak’Kan and battle. The 14 different classes are:

- Warriors – Toughest of the Human classes. They possess the ability to inflict major damage to opponents.

- Defenders - Serve as protectors in the Human nation. Defenders carry powerful shields that can resist multiple blows during battle.

- Assassins - Assassins are known for their speed and smooth offensive power. They reign as the fastest among both immortal races.

- Archers - Possess high skill levels and equal speed.

- Sorcerers – They use magic to conquer enemies from long range. Armed with multiple spells they serve as an excellent edition to any guild.

- Enchanters – Enchanters are considered supporting specialists of the Mage class. They carry a mystical staff that can bring down any foe.

- Clerics – Clerics are great solo adventurers and work well in parties.

- Priests – Perform recovery spells and administers protective blessings to comrades during war.

- Attackers – They serve as part of the Ak’Kan Combatants. Attackers are extremely aggressive and dangerous.

- Templars – Provide protection to the Ak’Kan nation. Their ability to shield and strong defense skills make them valuable.

- Gunners – Although, weak in combat Gunners possess a Gun Arm to fire at enemies with accuracy.

- Rune Officiators – Possess the ability to cast effective spells during combat. Destroying opponents from afar with magic is their prized skill.

- Life Officiators – Serve a position similar to the Human race’s Priest. Life Officiators can increase DEX improving HP recovery.

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